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Mums the Word

Just putting it out there that perhaps your mum deserves something a little bit more special than PJ’s and fluffy slippers this Mothers Day…

so here is my Mother’s Day edit of cool gifts all under $100… hint, hint!


1. A Skulk of Foxes Timber Vessels starting from $89.00 – 8 styles available

2. Dinosaur Designs Liquid Servers – $100

3. String of Pearls Plant is my new favourite plant (available at any good garden centre for about $15) shown here in Angus and Celeste Nasturtium Hanging Planter - $69.00

4. Uashmama Paper Bags range in price from $10 upward and are available in a huge range of colours and can be used for just about anything!

5. Avalon Je T’Adore Green Tea Massage Oil – $39.95 and Organic Coconut and Lime Body Scrub – $54.95 because all Mums love to be pampered ;)

6. Throw Glitter in Today’s Face limited edition print by Laura Blythman / available through Lark – $75.00

Ready Mr Music

I think wooden toys are so magical, add in moving parts and a music box and they remind me of something you would expect to find in Santa’s workshop! They can fascinate little kids for hours and are a beautiful heirloom that will stand the test of time.

So today I bring you these beautiful wooden music boxes made by Jean Card in Taiwan. They have a huge range of cute wooden music boxes, check out the videos below to see how they are made and some of the range that are available. The New York, London’s Big Ben and Mountain Railroad Pass music boxes can be purchased through Aussie online store Cool Things for $74.95 each.

Perhaps an idea for the “Mums to Be” this Mothers Day?










My kind of Pot Purri

Here is a recent design that showed at Milan Design Week Salone del Mobile 2014.

POT.PURRI by 3 dots collective is an interesting design collection of modular containers which can be mixed and matched to create over 50 unique objects spanning from vases and vessels through to lamps.

The main segments are made from concrete and wire of various diameters and dimensions, all of which are interchangeable. This allows the customer to create a custom combination of pieces for their project and furthermore, allows them to update their purchase by reconfiguring whenever they please.

I love the pop of colour that the wire elements bring to the collection, they break up the heavy, solid aesthetic of the concrete perfectly and mimic the forms and patterns in basketry, just with a polished, modern edge.










Never has a process of decay looked so beautiful! Oxidization is a process common in mirrors as they age, but designers David Dersen and Lex Pott have elevated this process creating spectacular geometric mirrors which celebrate the varying degrees of oxidization, turning it into something alluring and damn well lust-worthy!!

The collection is called Transience and is made up of six designs of various geometric patterns. Each mirror is treated by hand to create stunning variations in patterns and colours as the sulphur reacts on the silver for different amounts of time. The colours that occur are so beautiful ranging from golds to copper and deep purples.

My personal favourite is the triangle series, just so gorgeous!



Rather Strapping

I’m a little in love with these Strap Baskets which are a collaboration between American companies byAMT and Mimot Studio.

An elegant, minimal storage solution for your home with a multitude of uses. Beautifully combining leather straps secured by a mixture of copper plated rivets and wire cross stitch. But these baskets aren’t just pretty, they are built for strength and can withstand quite heavy loads from magazines through to firewood!

The Strap Baskets are available in two sizes, small and large, and don’t miss the soon to be released Strap Tote to complete the collection, it’s bound to be amazing too.

Check their website to find your local stockist.






Magic Mobiles

I was walking through The Rocks Markets in Sydney on the weekend and stumbled across a little stall selling these amazing stainless steel mobiles. They were so beautiful to watch as they turned in the breeze, catching and reflecting light and seemingly changing in size as they did so. Quite hard to explain the effect really, I wish I had a video to show you but trust me, they were seriously hypnotising!

I discovered The Geo Mobiles are made in Australia by Botten & Bouwman. There are three designs and sizes in the range, all made with marine grade stainless steel so they can be used indoor or out and when they require a clean you can just pop them in the dishy! How great is that!







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