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The Dark Side

I am currently loving high contrast colour use in homes, so I thought I might share some inspiration with you on how to use big blocks of black in your colour scheme.

Whether it be exteriors or interiors, black can be used for dramatic effect without feeling foreboding or claustrophobic. It seems the trick is balance, the colour black needs a partner in crime and wood, metallics or crisp white make the perfect combinations. The contrast of these tones or materials allow breaks in the colour which creates a sense of balance and avoids creating a cave like atmosphere.

Black also works for a multitude of styles, see below just how beautifully it can complement both a contemporary or classic style. A feature wall in black is the perfect colour to give extra depth to a space and also acts as a great backdrop to highlight artworks, photographs or special objects.

So can I tempt you over to the dark side with me?





















For the image credits and more black inspiration check out our Pinterest Page

All Fired Up

In Australia, the temperature is dropping and as we retreat indoors in our uggs, the only thing that can lure us back outside is a good old fire.

There must be a little stockman in all of us, as we are usually willing to freeze off our butts while we burn off our faces, huddled around a fire telling rambling stories into the wee hours of the morning. So come on, snuggle in, get comfy and check out these great examples of the perfect outdoor fire. Oh, and don’t forget to bring the marshmallows!

EcoSmart Fire – Stix

Modfire Urban – Campfire available in Australia through My Verandah

Extremis Qrater

Cocoon Terra Stainless Steel Fire available in Australia through Top3 by Design

Ak47 – Rondo

Plastic Fantastic

Rugs are great, but you always need to worry about spills and dirty shoes staining them right? Wrong!

OMG, you absolutely need to check out the trendy range by Brita Sweden Rugs, available in Australia through Habitat Rugs. Fun colours and patterns are their trademark, but, wait for it, these rugs are extra special. They are made using new and recycled soft plastic foil which makes them waterproof, colour fast and kid friendly.

Imagine the possibilities, you can use them indoors or out! Now you can easily brighten your bathroom, kitchen, BBQ area or kid’s playroom with a rug that is durable and stylish.

What a fabulous creation, LOVE!

Big Game

Personally I find Taxidermy really frightening. Who wants some glassy-eyed creature staring at you as you (try to) relax on the couch? Not me!

So I have been loving all the new takes on taxidermy that have come out on the market recently. Soft upholstered animal heads for the kids rooms, wood or cardboard recreations for the adults. They are all a little bit fun, but there really hasn’t been one that matched a more elegant aesthetic until now.

The fabulous french duo Un Esprit En Plus have created these life-size rusty antlers that can be mounted indoors or out. Made from a sheet of metal, the outline and colour of the antler is allowed to shine while the 2d effect means you can mount them low down without losing an eye. Want a set? Contact Blanc-Leger.

Water Feature

What could be more tranquil than twinkling lights reflected on water? Don’t own a million dollar property with water views? Me neither, but now you don’t need to.

Transform your pool into a stunning water feature at night by using the Bola by Blomus Torches. A sleek, sexy, stainless steel ball, the Bola is designed to burn steadily as the piece floats around for 10 hours. Wouldn’t that dress up your next party? No more spilt wax from  tea light candles to clean up after, with the Bola you just light and love. Available now through Beautiful Spaces – Inside and Out.

Now you have a water feature that looks a million dollars, but without the price tag.

Light my Fire

OK, so I promise I’m not a pyro, but I do love a good fire. The bigger the better. And what do you need to make a big fire? Lots and lots of wood!

Forget getting splinters in your arms as you trudge back and forth with armfuls of wood. I’ve discovered a dream invention that will quite possibly revolutionize your life. Introducing the Extremis Woodstock. A firewood rack and matching cart that you can load up and wheel to where it’s needed. In one trip you will have a huge supply of wood, neatly packed and, it looks great. In fact they look so good you could use them as a sculptural panel or room divider, now that’s one hot design.

If only Jimi Hendrix had known of this Woodstock, he wouldn’t have needed to burn his Fender Stratocaster guitar!


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