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TDF Open House Sydney

I was so super excited when The Design Files announced that they would be bringing their amazing “Open House’ event to Sydney, it is a must see event for every design lover!

Lucy and the TDF team make over an existing home using Dulux paint and a HUGE array of local design pieces, so many covetable pieces on show that you will not know which way to turn! Every item on display is also for sale so if you love it, you can buy it! Such a great concept…

If your keen to go and check it out for yourself, The 2013 TDF Open House Sydney is located at 8 Bennett Lane in Surry Hills and is open from today until Sunday, 10am-5pm.

Today was the first day that the home was open to the public so I popped on down to see what all the fuss was about and boy, it did not disappoint! Check out what’s on offer in my iPhone pics below :)


TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_02Small Portrait Artworks by Sandra Eterovic / Furniture by Jardan / Rug byLoom


TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_04Table by Jardan / Floor Cushions by Bonnie and Neil / Vessels on table by Dinosaur Designs and The Forty Nine Studio

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_05Furniture by Jardan / Cushions by Bonnie and Neil and L.O.T.S / Vessels on coffee table by Dinosaur Designs and The Forty Nine Studio

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_06Artwork by Julian Meagher / Handblown glass domes by Amanda Dziedzic, wall colour – Dulux Mondrian Blue

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_07Furniture by Jardan / Vintage Poster by Galerie Montmarte / Glass sculptures by Amanda Dziedzic

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_08Furniture by Jardan / Vintage Poster by Galerie Montmarte / Watermelons and Hearts by Lovestar

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_09Furniture by Jardan / Lights by Lightly / Bar covered in Bonnie and Neil Wooden Tiles

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_010Dinosaur Designs Bowl and servers / Sands Made Trivets

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_011Edible Garden Design Book by Jamie Durie / Glass sculptures by Amanda Dziedzic

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_012Furniture by Jardan / Glass sculptures by Amanda Dziedzic / Artwork by Lucas Grogan / Terrarium by Miniscapes

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_013Furniture by Jardan / Terrarium by Miniscapes

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_014 Ahoy Trader Crucifix / Furniture by Jardan / Flowers by Lisa Cooper / Rug by Loom

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_015Furniture by Jardan / Rug by Loom / Flowers by Lisa Cooper

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_016Furniture by Jardan / Rug by Loom

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_017Furniture by Jardan / Artworks by Kirra Jamison

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_018Blakebrough + King sculptures / Artworks by Kirra Jamison


TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_020Country Road Wooden Frames

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_022Furniture by Jardan / Country Road Accessories / Air Vessels by Emma Davies

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_023Air Vessels by Emma Davies / Paperweight staircase by Studio Kyss

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_024Dante Stacking Boxes by Country Road

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_025Ubabub Booksee clear book shelf

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_026Pineapple lamp by Down to the Woods / Artwork by Mirandsa Skoczek / Heart by Lovestar / Upcycled Soft Toys by Maiike

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_027Furniture by Jardan / Artwork by Rachel Castle and Beci Orpin / Handmade beaded chandeliers by Emily Green / Pineapple lamp by Down to the Woods / Backpack by Home-Work / Wall colour – Dulux Tango

TDFOpenHouse_Sydney2013_028Bonnie and Neil Wooden Tiles / Coffee by Paramount Coffee Project!

images © Yasmin Gimellaro / Hermit Homewares

Big Softie

I found this bed a while ago and became totally obsessed with it, unfortunately for me I totally forgot who made it and where to get it from! Silly me…

So happy that I can finally share the fabulous Dodu bed by Blu Dot with you now. Isn’t it cool?! The bed frame is made with a mixture of hardwood and pine, covered with padding and woven felt upholstery. In my opinion it is everything a bed should be – soft, cushy and comfortable!

Because it is a low profile bed design the single size is also ideal for kids, just think, no more danger when they’re jumping on the bed! The felt slip cover is also removable, making it super easy to clean and looking brand new. This bed is a total crowd pleaser, I think it suits nearly all ages from toddlers, teens to adults, don’t you agree?

Available in three colours – aqua, graphite and wheat and retails for $1,899 for a single, $2,099 Double, $2,299 Queen and $2,499 for the King.

BluDot_Dodu01 BluDot_Dodu02 BluDot_Dodu03 BluDot_Dodu04

Follow Your Heart

Hello lovely followers,

Just giving you a heads up that I have decide to begin random posting! What does this mean? It means Hermit will be bringing you bits of loveliness still but not in the structured format that I have previously been blogging in.

My folder of lovely finds to post about is quickly getting out of control, as is my ‘To Do’ list of beautiful creations or DIYs which I have been stinging to get going on. I have found covering the work of so many creatives has inspired me to get back into making things myself, so hopefully I can reignite some of those lost sculpture skills from Uni and start using my camera again too! I am hoping by randomly posting I can free up some time to share all these things with you! “Less chatter, more matter” is my new motto!

Hope you enjoy the new format and feel free to post comments on any of my posts about your thoughts, likes, dislikes or questions.


Hermit xx

And since I’m following my heart, what better to feature today than the super adorable new heart shelves by Bride & Wolfe! Available in six cute colours and retailing at $290.00, the shelves are designed and made in Melbourne from powder-coated steel and hand-dyed cotton rope.





The Birdcage

One of the most sought over areas at the races is known as the birdcage. It is the elaborate section of marques reserved for celebrities and VIP’s which is always a spectacular display of wealth, beauty and fashion in the most theatrical setting.

Cage Archibird by French designer Gregoire de Lafforest is a design that displays the same essence of wonder and awe. It is a birdcage built into an oak table which has cloche like glass domes at the top. It is a stunning design, which photographs beautifully. It is very minimal in its design, the simple oak table coupled with the system of tension cables, the white of the birdcage interior and the internal metal tree all combine to create a stylish, sleek design.

I must say though, as spectacular as this design is, I’m not too convinced that it is that functional. If you were to use it as a cage for real birds would you use the table for any other reason? And how do you clean the cage and the tree? I can’t imagine that pure white interior looking so great covered with a couple of days worth of droppings! But then I have never been such a fan of containing animals so perhaps I am just biased…

Perhaps a better idea would be to treat this piece as more of a sculpture, and fill with fake birds or something of the like, so it remains spotless and pristine and beautifully decorative. What do you think?







This weekend marks the start of the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne, which is a huge event in Australia filled with horse races, fashion and plenty of fun. In celebration Hermit will be dedicating this week to equine related homewares and items related to this very special event.

Good luck with your bets everybody, hope you back a winner ;)


1. Bottlehook by Corter Leather & Cloth

2. Assemblages Leather Shelves by Lightly

3. Tan Leather Cushion by Mr & Mrs White

4. Toro Modern Lounge Chair by Blue Dot

5. All Oak mirror for Kate Sylvester by Douglas & Bec

6. Leather iPad Sleeve by Girl & Graaf

The Hermitage – Quality Hotel Expo, Oslo, Norway

A brilliant example of using indoor plants and vertical gardens to complement a space can be found at Quality Hotel Expo in Oslo, Norway.

Designed by London studio Haptic Architects, it is a beautiful balance of green living mixed with the classic tones of Norwegian style. They have created an environment which is contemporary, classy and surprisingly serene. The design draws inspiration from the Norwegian landscape and incorporates natural materials such as wood, stone and of course the plant life to mimic the tones and atmosphere of the surrounding area.

There are 300 rooms and a conference centre within Quality Hotel Expo which are all styled in a calming neutral palette of greys, whites and blues and warmed with the addition of wood. But the area that I find most spectacular is the lobby and communal eating area where Haptic have created a stunning natural oasis. The neutral palette is continued in the area but is punctuated with pops of colour and the vibrance of living plants.

The communal dining area sits beneath a canopy of trees where during the day light filters through from the skylight above and at night creative up lighting is used to play with the shadows of the canopy. This area also included a mixed setting of dining chairs by famous designers such as Charles and Ray Eames, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec and Jasper Morrison, an eclectic collection which mimics nicely the variety of hotel guests that make use of this area.

Isn’t this an amazing example of how a few large indoor plants can completely transform and lift a space!

The Hermitage – Quality Hotel Expo, Oslo, Norway













Photography is by Trine Thorsen.


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